Dec 012015

Welcome to RELI 151: Deep Ecology: Knowing Place, Spring 2018, with Professor Richard S. Cohen.

The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 – 3:20 p.m. in Warren Lecture Hall 2112.

Please consult the upper tabs for information that normally would appear on a printed syllabus: a course description, schedule of readings, information on class policies, grading, and assignments, as well as my office hours and email. I strongly recommend that you read through all these pages at the beginning of the quarter.


This course explores intersections between religious discourse and ecological discourse by considering texts from both that treat the human world as irreducibly interconnected with more-than-human worlds of nature and “spirit.” Themes include the ambivalence of wildness; the critique of anthropocentrism (human-centeredness); and the question of how religious emphasis on “knowing (one’s) place” can create a sense of either human exceptionality, above nature, or embeddedness, within nature.