Think Pieces


Students are required to write eight 500-word essays. I call these essays Think Pieces. Combined, the Think Pieces are worth 70% of the overall grade.

To understand what I am looking for in this assignment, follow the link to The Think Piece: A Guide. Additionally, click here to read several examples of superior short essays.

Every student is at liberty to choose the eight classes for which she or he wants to want write the essays. There are a total of nineteen opportunities to write these essays. So, if you procrastinate too much, you will be stuck having to do them all at the end of the quarter. There is no make-up assignment (albeit, see below the green stars). If you do not write all eight papers, you will receive 0’s for the papers you fail to write. Also, you may not write more than eight.

I will drop the lowest grade. This means that each Think Piece is individually worth 10% of your overall grade.

You are personally responsible for ensuring that you submit all required assignments. If you submit fewer than 6 Think Pieces before the end of the quarter, you will fail the course . . . even if you are taking the course Pass/No-Pass.


Instead of these many Think Pieces, you have the option of keeping a journal and writing a single long paper, 2500 words in length, due at the end of the quarter. If you wish to take this option, you must come see me during my office hours no later than the end of Week 2. You cannot change your mind, or switch to this option, after Week 2.