Think Piece Prompt for June 2

due at the beginning of class Thursday, June 2.
or you have the option of emailing it to me by the time of the final exam scheduled for this class.

Using the Dark Mountain Manifesto, assess Deep Ecology as a response to the socio-spiritual ramifications of Christian theology, as outlined by Lynn White.

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Your paper should be no shorter than 500 words (about two pages).

I will not give you letter grades or extensive comments. If you want specific feedback on your short essays, come speak with me outside of class. I am more than happy to explain my assessment.

For further guidance on this assignment, including the grading system, read, “The Think Piece: A Guide” online at

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Remember, you have to write 8 think pieces by the end of the quarter. After this prompt, you will have 0 more from which to choose. You alone are responsible for making sure you do all the required work.